Performance art costume

Interactive costumes made for a collaboration between the performing arts, video art, photography and musician Kashiwa Daisuke. The (surrealism) project was granted with The Unique Materials and Processes Award  for the development of a new approach to materials choice and use in fashion design and the development of new textile design and technology. We would like to thank Barbara Gen for her photography work, Dattah, Jane Eraker and ONPA  from Berlin/Tokyo

Winner Evelyn Lebis

For Evelyn Lebis, the discussion of how fashion can be more sustainable often centre’s on well trodden ground, such as organic and fairtrade cotton and the re-use and recycling of textiles. It’s rare that we think about how designers can create textiles and garments that improve the users experience and increase the potential for taking pleasure in what we wear. Clothes can and should be more than a quick fix, pick me up purchase.

When technology and fashion effectively interact, new possibilities emerge; clothes can respond to their wearers; moods emotions and movement. Evelyn worked with engineers to develop e-textile technology which responds to the wearers movements. She designed costumes for dancers that demonstrate the potential in this technology, with embellishments that light up as the performers moves.

In the future this technology could be applied in every day wear offering a creative and interactive approach to fashion that challenges the conventions of function and form in fashion design. The process also explored the possibilities that can emerge when scientist, engineers and fashion designers work together.