Fashion Week costume

Laura presented this collection at Stockholm Fashion Week and at London Fashion Week;

I just see a bright light. I try to remember where I am. What happened? I know something is wrong. I am so tired. I hear someone counting
12,13… The voice sounds familiar but strangely modified. 14,15.. it
seems so far away.
When I wake up I will be another person. No one will ever laugh about
me again. It will hurt. I am not afraid. Nothing can hurt more than
words. Rejection. I want to be normal. I am already so far. Only one
more step.
What if I am not strong enough? All the hopes. Waiting. I have to make
it. All the care I am not ready to leave, not now. Not after all this.
I have to be strong. I have to be strong!
Green. The colour of heaven? I try to move my head. Pain. I know I am
not alone. I feel so weak, defenceless. How could everything run out
of control? Nothing will ever be the same again. I cannot move, my
body is heavy but I don’t belong to my body. Not anymore.
I see a green surface. Could it be a ceiling? Or is it a floor? Am I
upside down? Panic. I lose my orientation. How old am I? What is happening to me?
The shadows are moving. They are. Aren’t they? Changing figures. Big
teeth. A long hat. Is this a stick? It looks like an elephant. A classic statue rotates. Fast, faster. I close my eyes. I see pain signals
flowing through my veins. They are shooting in my brain. Constant. I
want to scream but I am mute.
I want to move but it hurts.
I am scared. I open my eyes. I see white. Who is this woman? Her eyes
are staring at me. She says something, I don’t understand. Sounds like
a song. Echo. Her mouth moves in slow motion. Her teeth are immense. I
wish I could escape. Her hands approach my head. Her fingers are claws.
Don’t touch me. Go away. Don’t touch my head.
She leaves. I am alone in a room with strangers. I know there is at
least someone else. I close my eyes. Escape.

we would like to thank Zizi Zhu Wenjing