Smart toys


Can textiles design help us confide in technology?

We define the value of design within smart objects by exploring technology acceptance. A smart toy is designed through looks and storytelling to appeal to a users intuition, (behavior) integration (environment) and playfulness (interaction).  The work questions  how to measure the level of confidence when interacting between an object and our identity.

The  project is done in collaboration with Hässlegårdens Förskola Borås in Sweden and the Polytechnic University Madrid in Spain. The R&D of the project is presented at the Media Lab Prado in Madrid and the costumes will be part of Hässlegårdens förskola pedagogics.

# Journal of Sensors: “Utilizing Smart Textiles-enabled Sensorized Toy and Playful Interactions for Assessment of Psychomotor Development on Children.”

We would like to thank PhD student Mario Vega Barbas.